How To Use Phen375 For The Best Weight Loss Results

Phen375 has been recently gained a lot of popularity and is fast gaining the name the magical slimming pills. With many reviews coming in from real every day, the results made are remarkable. However with the fact that Phen375 promises all those in need to lose weight of between 3-5 lbs every week when used as promised. With the best results coming from using it as prescribed by the manufacturer, the only question that remains is how to use Phen375?

Ways to lose weightMorning dose

The first thing in the morning after waking up is drinking a large glass of water and take one tablet of Phen375. This should be done at least 20 minutes before taking breakfast.

Breakfast meal

A healthy meal should be taken as breakfast. The meal should be full of proteins such as oatmeal, eggs and the whole grain such as brown bread. Vegetables is a great addition to ensure the right amounts of fiber are ingested to make one fuller for longer.

Mid morning snack

One of the most recommended meals when taking Phen375 tablets is a mid-morning snack. This is for the simple reason it eliminates the need for binging later on the day, on anything when the hunger pangs start. A low calorie yet nutritious snack such as Greek yogurt or granola bar is recommended or better yet a piece of fruit such as grapefruit.

Afternoon dose

With the midmorning snack taken normally at around 11oclock, one should rest for at least an hour before taking the after dose as recommended. This should be done following the morning example and taken 20 minutes before lunch is eaten.

Lunch meal

Healthy eating habitsLunch is just as important as breakfast, as it should be just enough with the necessary portions to make one feel full for the rest of the day. In this regard, it should contain a lot of vitamins to keep one active, minerals to keep a body working at optimum while still abating diseases. It should also contain good fats and protein as well as a portion of carbs such as chicken, tuna sandwich, eggs and vegetables. It is important to remember that the least amount of food group should be carbs, as too much of it makes one to not only exceed the needed calorie but leads to low energy.

Mid afternoon snacks

Although the need for a mid-afternoon snack does not come naturally for many people, it is recommended to eat a mid-afternoon snack while taking Phen375. In this regard, it should be full of minerals, fats, carbs and protein. Delicious low-calorie snacks such as boiled eggs, almonds, soy milk and the likes are recommended.


Dinner should be simple basically include healthy fats such as Avocado. It should also include limited saturated fats and simple sugars, a lot of fiber and protein. In addition, dinner should be accompanied by a delicious salad filled with vitamins and fruits.

It is important to note that dinner should be eaten 2-3 hours before sleeping. This way guaranteeing that the food eaten is digested before sleeping and is not stored up, converting into fats. One should also take in a lot of water dinner.


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